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Common Foods that can Trigger Migraines

By Dr. O'Leary

Alcoholic beverages

  • All alcoholic beverages can be migraine triggers for certain people. However red wine and beer are two of the biggest causes.

Non-alcoholic beverages

  • Caffeine - Limit your intake to 1-2 cups of coffee (depending on how it's brewed). Soda, tea, and energy drinks also contain caffeine.
  • Apple juice is another culprit


  • Foods to watch include: avocados, overripe bananas, aged cheese, pork, nuts, chocolate and meats that have been pickled, aged, smoked and fermented.

Food Additives 

  • Artificial sweeteners also known as Nutra-sweet and Equal.
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG), a flavor-enhancing ingredient used in many foods such as salad dressing, frozen dinners, Chinese food, canned vegetables, canned soups and processed meats.
  • Nitrates and nitrites are used help food keep its color. They also help to bring out the flavor in certain foods, and prevent bad bacteria from growing. You’ll find nitrates and nitrites in hot dogs, bacon, ham, processed poultry and cured meats.