Why was I referred to the BreakThrough Care Center? 
You were referred to our facility because you have one or more complex health conditions that our Care Team can teach you about and help you better manage on your own. Because the BreakThrough Care Center provides a holistic approach to health care, it offers superior clinical expertise, support and all of the resources necessary for treatment under one roof, allowing a more streamlined care plan for our patients. 

Can I continue to see my regular Primary Care Physician?
While you are receiving care here, your BreakThrough Care Center physician will serve as your Primary Care Physician (PCP). During this time, however, he/she will be communicating with your regular PCP.  This constant communication will ensure that you have a smooth transition back to your PCP when the time is right and you are better able to manage your health.   

How is the BreakThrough Care Center different from my regular doctor?
BreakThrough Care Center brings together all of the staff, services and resources to improve your health under one roof. Your care team here includes a physician, nurse practitioner, health coach, pharmacist, physical therapist, dietician, licensed social worker, licensed psychiatrist, and a nurse case manager. This environment allows the staff to work together with you as a team to establish and meet your healthcare goals. With less time spent traveling to and from appointments at various locations, you can focus on getting back to the day-to-day activities you love and allow us to help you reclaim your health.

What is a health coach?
A health coach is a registered professional nurse or a licensed practical nurse who works in partnership with you to assist you in meeting your health care goals. Your health coach interacts with you frequently via phone calls, email and or one on one meetings.

What is this going to cost?
Your healthcare providers at the BreakThrough Care Center focus on reducing the occurrence of serious health events which may reduce your out of pocket expenses. Nevertheless, applicable co-pays will still apply. Your Care Team can help you understand what co-pays will apply based on your individual health plan. Financial assistance is available to qualified individuals. 

What do I do if I need to go to the hospital?
If it is a life-threatening emergency, please call 911. Otherwise, please contact your BreakThrough Care Center physician directly. Anytime you seek services in a hospital setting, please communicate with them that you are a BreakThrough Care Center patient and ask them to contact your BreakThrough Care Center physician.

What do I do if I have a question after hours?
One of our providers is always on call around the clock for any medical needs that may arise - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Can the BreakThrough Care Center do X-rays or labs?
Yes. X-ray and lab services are available on-site during normal Breakthrough Care Center hours.  No appointment is necessary.

Do I need to have Humana insurance to use the Fitness Center?
The Fitness Center is available to all of our Breakthrough Care Center patients, regardless of insurance type. Please talk to one of your Care Team members for additional details. 

Why should I see a Social Worker at the BreakThrough Care Center?
The Social Worker is a part of your Care Team, he/she can help you identify barriers you may be encountering and assist you in meeting your healthcare goals. The added benefit to you is having this team member available in the same location as all other services (i.e. fitness center, pharmacy, lab, physical therapy)

Can I continue to use my current Specialist, such as my Cardiologist or Pulmonologist?
Your BreakThrough Care Center physician will be in contact with your Specialist(s) and will coordinate specialty care to best meet your medical needs.

Is there transportation service offered to and from the BreakThrough Care Center facility?
While we do hope to expand our offerings and explore options for transportation in the future, BreakThrough does not currently offer transportation for patients. We hope that by condensing all of the necessary staff and resources to one location, access to health care is still drastically improved for you, the patient.  Your BreakThrough Care Center team can assist you in locating transportation services in the community and can help identify if you have a transportation benefit available through your health plan. 

Caregiver Questions

How often can my loved one visit BreakThrough?  Is there limited time availability?
One of the benefits of the BreakThrough model is the open line of communication each patient has with the staff, especially their health coach. Beyond the fitness center, which patients are always welcome to use, their health coach can help coordinate as much time as needed with the physician, pharmacist, physical therapist, etc.  Part of the goal of BreakThrough is to holistically improve patient health, BreakThrough strives to give patients the opportunity to become a partner in managing their health; having the opportunity for around-the-clock communication with staff to better understand their health issues and treatment options is part of becoming a trusted partner.

Am I able to contact my loved one’s Care Team to discuss issues or medical concerns?
Yes. BreakThrough believes in establishing a core Care Team to help manage the health of your loved one, and you are an integral part of this process. Our staff encourages caregivers to attend meetings with physicians and staff to better understand the treatment plan and health care goals we hope to achieve with your loved one. The staff is able to provide you with information on BreakThrough and your loved one’s health once authorization has been obtained. You are always welcome to discuss questions or concerns about your loved one with us.  

Financial Hardships

What if I cannot pay my bill in full?
There may be times when you cannot pay your total balance in one payment. Your Health Coach will connect you with a Patient Account Representative to assist you in coming up with a payment arrangement.

Do I qualify for help even though I have insurance?
We understand that individuals and families are faced wtih increased patient liabilities due to larger deductibles and coninsurance or the selection of a high deductible insurance plan. Your Health Coach will assist you in determining which of our payment plans or financial assistance programs best meet your needs.

Will I still be able to see my doctor even though I have an open balanace on my account?
Yes. We encourage our patients to continue with their care plan. Although copayments are due at the time of service, we do have options available to assist you with your balances on your account. We are here to help you with the financial aspect of your healthcare, and do not want this to interfere with the care you need.

What payment options are available to me?
We currently offer reasonable, interest free payment plans and financial assistance programs for those who qualify.