About BreakThrough Care Center

Bringing You the Best Care

One place. One goal. One great team. 

At BreakThrough Care Center we approach complex health issues with a simple, yet brilliant solution. Bringing all the clinical expertise, support and resources you need to improve your health under one roof. This integrated approach allows you to spend less time coordinating appointments and more time focusing on a healthier life. 

Your BreakThrough Care Center physician works closely with your primary care physician and specialist(s) to continue diligently and effectively treating every facet of your health. The goal of your BreakThrough Care Center team is to keep everyone involved in your care, inside or outside of the Center, informed and focused on your progress. 

By utilizing innovative tools like video conferencing and electronic medical records, we are better able to stay connected to your providers and ensure that no aspect of your care is overlooked.